Fol-Druk Flexo


We are a flexographic printing house that specializes in the production of flexible packaging. Thanks to its appropriate construction, the packaging protects the packed product against damage and the harmful effects of external factors. By using our machine park and a team of employees, we produce high-quality packaging in accordance with customer requirements for a wide range of assortments. We mainly supply the extensive food and industrial market. We cooperate with large companies that deliver their products to the largest retail chains, such as Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, Dino, Netto and others.

Our offer includes:


(created by a layer of one material)          

  • for unit and bulk packaging of food and industrial products
  • for packing fresh vegetables and fruits
  • twist films for candy packaging
  • beverage labels

Duplex/triplex laminates

In solvent and solvent-free technology

  • for confectionery and dry products (pasta, cereal products, muesli, breakfast cereals, cookies)
  • for frozen food (vegetables, fruits, meat)
  • for packing products that require an appropriate barrier to oxygen, water vapor, light, smell (cold meat, fresh meat, fish, cheese, coffee, animal food)
  • for packing products packed in a nitrogen protective atmosphere or intended for pasteurization, sterilization (meat, cheese, fruits)
  • for packing aggressive products (wet wipes, household chemicals)
  • for packing fat and dairy products (butter)
  • for packing products requiring the application of cold-sealing adhesives – COLD-SEAL (chocolate, ice cream, chocolate bars)

Different types of varnishes

Packaging finishes is a way to distinguish a product. Ordinary packaging can be changed into a product with high aesthetic values, as well as attracting consumer’s attention.

Using innovative technologies, we apply different types of varnishes:

  • Protective varnish – it is used to protect the print on the outside of the packaging. The final product becomes more durable and its colours are more saturated.
  • Matt varnish – it is used to eliminate foil flash. Used on selected places of the packaging, it allows you to emphasize principal elements (logo, brand name, product name). Packaging with the use of matt varnishes gains elegance and style.
  • Soft-touch varnish – it gives the packaging a velvety, soft and pleasant texture. The effect can be similar to suede, satin or rubber. Varnish is usually used for luxury packaging.
  • Paper-touch varnish – it gives the packaging a paper texture effect. The packaging is rough to the touch and certainly attracts the consumer’s attention.