Fol-Druk Flexo


We offer support in the preparation of a graphic design and the implementation of photopolymers, high-quality printing made using the flexographic technique, as well as lamination, packaging finishes and slitting. Our offer also includes laser cutting of foil (laser cut/microperforation/macroperforation).

DTP Studio

Our DTP studio cooperates with clients in the preparation of graphic designs.

  • Using own technological solutions to increase the aesthetic value of the project
  • Individually developed machine profiling system – high quality and repeatability of printing.

Flexographic printing

  • 133-150 lpi as a standard in our printing house
  • possible print resolution up to 175 lpi
  • the possibility of making packaging finishes to increase their aesthetic value, e.g. by selective varnishing with different types of varnishes available on the market.


We specialize in:

  • solvent lamination
  • solvent-free lamination

High-class laminating machines guarantee the safety of the offered multilayer films.

Laser cutting

In our offer you can also find the laser foil cutting service:

  • “easy open” effect – laser cutting that weakens one of the materials in a specific line, enabling consumers to easily open the packaging
  • macroperforation – cutting out any shapes
  • microperforation – holes as small as 20 microns that improve air circulation between the inside of the packaging and the environment.


In our machine park we also have:

  • high-quality slitters
  • slitter cooperating with the laser module. It is also equipped with an automatic blades setting, which allows for precise positioning of the machine, and this directly affects the reduction of production waste and carbon footprint.