Fol-Druk Flexo


BRC certificate with AA+ grade

Another success for Fol-Druk Flexo! 馃帀

Our company has just received the BRC certificate with the highest possible AA+ grade!

The certificate obtained during an unannounced audit confirms that our company always maintains the highest standards of quality and safety in the packaging production for the food and industrial sectors. We are aware that packaging safety is essential for consumers, and thus for our clients. This is why we are proud to deliver packaging that meets the highest legal and hygienic standards!

The AA+ grade

The AA+ grade obtained on the BRC Packaging certificate means that the company has undergone a very rigorous assessment of compliance with the requirements of this standard and has achieved the highest level of quality and safety in packaging production. This is the best possible grading within this certificate and means that the company meets all the requirements of the standard at the highest level.