Fol-Druk Flexo


New technology at Fol-Druk Flexo - DuPont LSH

We are happy to announce the next step towards quality and ecology, thanks to our long-term cooperation with DuPont. The Esko-certified DuPont LSH plate is a guarantee of the highest quality, which our customers can benefit from today.

DuPont LSH plate features

✅ DuPont LSH plate optimized for UV LED exposure

✅ crisp reproduction of the smallest features on the plate

✅ advanced Crystal rasters

✅ excellent tonal range

✅ printing of solids without the effect of mottle and pinholing

✅ low dot gain

✅ high repeatability

✅ ideally suited for advanced surface screenings

✅ high durability of the plate

How does Cyrel LSH technology connect with sustainable development?

  • The XPS Crystal, while using UV LEDs, has a 92% waste reduction of light elements over the total device lifetime
  • 100% mercury-free UV LEDs compared to mercury containing UV lamps used in UV bank light frames
  • Shorter UV LED exposure time on the XPS Crystal results in lower energy consumption
  • No emissions of environmental hazardous waste